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What is a Brookie?

All Things Cookies   //    18/04

What would you get if a Cookie and a Brownie gave birth to a love child? A Brookie of course, duh!

You heard right, Brookies are the latest and greatest decadent delight to shake the baking world. We are seasoned hands at the old Brookie and they have been a part of our repertoire for quite some time. Given they are starting to steal some of the limelight from their Cookie and Brownie cousins we thought we’d blow the lid on Brookies.

What you need to know about this delicious hybrid:

1. They are chocolate in colour with a similar aesthetic to a brownie
2. The are cream, icing or even ice-cream filled and resemble a cookie sandwich
3. They come in a variety of flavours
4. They are gob-smackingly delicious
5. They contain no calories and are completely guilt free indulgence**

** this statement is complete lie.

So do yourself a favour and get a Brookie into your gob. They really are something else!

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